Lilypie Notes:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The 2nd Step-our trip to Beijing

After waiting for almost a week, we were emailed the contract with our adoption agency. In 3 hours we booked train tickets, planned our trip and got all the needed permission for a 36 hour trip to the US Embassy in Beijing.

We arrived in Beijing after 12 hours on the train (we can fly from California to Beijing in about the same amount of time) and went to the Tex-Mex Restaurant for cinnamon rolls! Then on the the Embassy, where we got the contract signed and notarized. After going to 2 different places, we were finally able to Fed Ex them off!

After another 12 hour train ride, we are back home and waiting again! Oh ya, our package was in Alaska before we got back.....the Beijing to Xi'an route really needs a bullet train!

The 1st Step

On Thursday June 5th, 2008 we officially began the process to adopt two children from Ethiopia. This is an amazing step for us, and we are so excited abut it. We believe that this is the time, and we cannot wait to meet our children.
We will be updating every time something happens, and we hope that you can join with us on our amazing journey.